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Jackson Health Systems Creating Miracle Moments with Digital Signage

Jackson Health System in Miami-Dade County delivers ‘Miracle Moments’ to patients, visitors, and staff using creative digital signage content.

Hypersign.com’s visual communication platform solutions provide healthcare systems with the tools needed to provide patients, staff, and visitors with engaging and safe experiences.

The Challenge

Jackson Health System needed an easy-to-use and reliable content management system to provide staff, patients, and visitors at various Jackson locations with a state-of-the-art digital signage experience. This digital signage software would replace a legacy system that was no longer meeting Jackson’s needs. In order to enhance their hospital signage vision, Jackson issued an RFP for a new content delivery platform provider, to which they awarded Hypersign.com. 


The Solution

Members of Jackson’s Communications and Outreach Department worked closely with Hypersign.com team members to map out key digital signage locations, install media players for content delivery, and manage content for timely publishing while onboarding the Hypersign+ software. Jackson currently has over 350 Hypersign+ licenses across more than 30 locations in Miami-Dade County. Hypersign.com’s digital signage platform is used for wayfinding, healthcare marketing content, chief walls (sleek video walls that showcase the Public Health Trust board members, department chiefs, and executive staff), and electronic bulletin boards that celebrate hardworking staff and provide patients with location-specific information.


The Result

With the digital signage platform in place, the Hypersign+ solution enabled Jackson’s marketing team to publish wayfinding information, including campus-wide and local directions in various languages, as well as create “Miracle Experiences” for patients, staff, and visitors. These Miracle Experiences include informational and educational content to keep everyone up to date with timely and relevant messaging. With Hypersign.com’s digital signage, Jackson is providing their community with better healthcare experiences through engaging content.

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About Jackson Health System

Jackson Health System is an integrated healthcare delivery network with more than 13,000 employees. 

It has been a central provider of medical services and healthcare leadership for residents of Miami-Dade County and beyond for more than a century. Owned and supported by Miami-Dade’s taxpayers, it is governed by the seven-member Public Health Trust Board of Trustees under the auspices of Miami-Dade’s mayor and Board of County Commissioners. Jackson’s centerpiece is Jackson Memorial Hospital, a world-class regional center of specialized care that functions as the primary teaching hospital for the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Jackson’s robust network also includes three community hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a behavioral health hospital, a growing network of urgent care centers, and many more service locations. 

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