Comporium Improves Employee Communication with Digital Signage

Comporium is a telecommunications provider that has served the upstate of South Carolina for over 125 years. See how they continue to grow with digital signage.

The Digital Signage Industry

Hypersign’s visual communication solutions provides corporations with
one solution for managing their digital signage to improve employee
communication across multiple sites without sacrificing ease of use.


The Challenge

Comporium has been in the business of helping people communicate for over 125 years. But like the proverbial cobbler whose children went without shoes, the mid-size telecom provider struggled to find effective ways to keep its employees up to date on corporate events. If reaching over 1,000 employees was not hard enough, the geographic challenge that Comporium serves thirteen counties across the Carolinas. Even in the company’s hometown of Rock Hill, SC, employees were spread across over half a dozen sites. Further compounding visual communications efforts, many corporate employees had become complacent and simply deleted emails or trashed paper copies of announcements without reading them. Employees didn’t always have access to email or didn’t take the time to read the paper circulations. In both cases, employees were left out of the loop, missing important updates and company announcements.


The Solution

Comporium worked with Hypersign in seeking a creative, new way to communicate information with its employees. Hypersign’s digital displays were deployed at over a dozen of the company’s most heavily used facilities. The displays range in size from 32 inches up to 55 inches. Each of them rotates through a series of graphic-heavy playlists, that each contain easily read and easily digested information. Comporium further enhanced the employee experience by adding its latest commercial spots, traffic data, weather forecast, and static wayfinding in locations where they made sense. The company’s construction team has started using the Hypersign displays to share metrics on project status, safety performance, and overall productivity.


The Result

Comporium’s employees were quick to notice the new digital displays, and the exciting new way that information was being shared. They were delighted when career milestones and promotions, featuring their photos, began to show up on the displays. Eventually questions about what content could be displayed and how to get content onto the Hypersigns became common place. Human Resources also began to notice that employees were generally more informed about announcements and responded more quickly and more often to calls to action.

As a whole, Comporium has been able to better share information about the company’s performance, new product developments, and employee news. They have also been able to educate more employees, more quickly about community events and the company’s philanthropic efforts. Comporium’s volunteer group, the Pioneer Club, has even been able to use the displays to recruit employee volunteers, and to fundraise. Moving forward, Comporium is exploring ways to use the Hypersign+ Alert feature, which is already available within the platform, to better protect its employees in the event of an emergency.


About Comporium

Comporium, Inc., headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., is a diversified, privately-held communications company that employs nearly 1,100 people and provides broadband, TV, voice, wireless, smart home systems and advertising. Comporium has been serving communities throughout the Carolinas since 1894, keeping people connected to what matters the most for over 125 years. Comporium’s ventures include companies providing business solutions, data storage and managed services, and smart devices and connected home services.

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