How to Make Your Holiday Messaging Effective - Without Burning Out Your Audience

It’s getting to be that time of year! You know the time we mean: the aisles of every retail space are filled with holly and ornaments and… pumpkins? The Christmas Creep is a term used to describe this phenomena; stores start to “creep” in merchandise for the holiday season earlier and earlier in the year to increase sales. This is all well and good, but should your organizations follow suit?
Here at, we are letting you in on some key tips for positioning your holiday messaging this time of year:
  1. Keep it Creeping – Slowly start to integrate your holiday messaging within 2 months of the season. Anything longer will lose its salience with your audience.
  2. Hint to Build Suspense – Tempt your audience with experiences. Whether it’s caroling or cozying up by the fire, teasing your audience with experiences instead of objects will keep their attention!
  3. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience – We’ve all seen the winter sections of crafts stores start to emerge in the wake of October festivities. Make sure one holiday’s messaging isn’t overshadowing another!
  4. Schedule Your Content to Be Timely – There’s nothing worse than walking into an office or a retail store and seeing “Merry Christmas!” on December 27th.
  5. Incorporate Movement into Your Displays – Most content design sites offer GIF or MP4 capabilities for export. Upload moving parts into your content delivery system that will catch the eye and promote recall for your audience during the holidays!
Don’t forget, your audience is excited for each special moment the last half of the year holds, By slowly integrating key elements of your holiday messaging and scheduling content with purpose, your organization will easily navigate through this busy time!
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