What is Hypersign+?

Hypersign+ is the platform management tool that brings you the an easy way to Create, Manage and Share Content to your audiences across your organization.


  • Reduce time managing content
  • Create engaging visual messaging for internal and external use
  • Always have relevant, up-to-date content

Hypersign+ is the content management tool that brings your innovation to audiences.

Meet the platform that guides visitors through your space.

Everything you need for the best hybrid meeting experience.

| Digital Signage

Hypersign+ is your easy-to-use content management platform.

  • Drag-and-drop templates for quick messaging layouts
  • Supports your favorite media types
  • Easily add and delete your content
  • Schedule when and where to publish content
  • Keep your audiences safe with alert streaming

| Interactive WayFinding

Let's take you where you want to go.

  • Guide visitors on your campus or within buildings
  • Easily update pathways
  • Interactive directories show offices and staff
  • QR codes download maps to visitors’ smart phones
  • Personalize maps to match your branding

| Collaboration Tool

Everything you need for the best hybrid meeting experience

  • Optimize hybrid meeting spaces
  • Work through groundbreaking ideas with interactive and static whiteboards
  • Host virtual meetings using your favorite video conferencing platforms
  • Share your screen with team members
  • Default to corporate messaging with digital signage