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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing | Enterprise Solutions

Creating internal marketing content that reflects diversity and inclusion in your organization can greatly impact workplace communication and satisfaction.

The importance of diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in the workplace seem like obvious components of a healthy work environment, but beyond HR and some strategic planning, the efforts made may not be seen by those who should be represented. According to Business Wire, "Diverse companies earn 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee and inclusive teams are more productive by over 35%". It's easy to see how leading the change in creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment can positively impact business.

In addition to the policies and practices guiding accessibility and inclusion, visual representations in internal/external marketing and workplace communication are great tools for supporting your company's mission. 

If your internal corporate marketing isn't reflecting your diverse work culture, then there's a problem. Publishing content that is inclusive to your workforce, and even customers, can improve workplace satisfaction and drive better performance in productivity and sales.

If you're looking to improve your internal messaging, or want to stay motivated to continue promoting workplace diversity, review our quick guide below:





Download this guide.

For more enterprise solutions to reach audiences with accessible and inclusive marketing, explore digital signage platforms.


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