Hypersign and Samsung, A Connected Campus, via Digital Signage for Education

Samsung, a partner with Hypersign, created a blog post regarding the effectiveness and importance of emergency alerts on school campuses through digital signage for education.
Samsung stated, “When emergencies happen, colleges and universities have a responsibility to inform their populations quickly and efficiently. This is often a difficult task, as communications must reach all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their locations around campus. As a solution, many educational institutions are turning to digital signage to improve communication of campus issues and emergencies in a quick and efficient manner.”
Time is of the essence in an emergency situation and individuals need to act quickly to save lives and keep others out of danger. During a crisis situation, faculty, staff, and students need to be aware of their surroundings and evacuation plans. School administrators can easily create content using Hypersign and TheConnectEDU to develop slideshows using PowerPoint files and utilize evacuation maps to notify everyone of a possible threat.
“TheConnectEDU incorporates a Google Chromebox to connect the displays, Hypersign’s cloud-based software to create and share messages, and commercial grade smart signage displays. By bringing together easy-to-use, industry-leading tools, this system is an affordable and powerful solution that makes digital signage for education an integral part of an overall emergency communication plan.”
Thank you Samsung for the blog post showcasing Hypersign!
Please visit the Samsung website to read to full article.