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Transforming Healthcare Experiences With Digital Communication Tools

Learn how to transform healthcare experiences with digital communication tools. A quick guide for healthcare marketing and communication professionals.


After the 2019 global Coronavirus pandemic, sharing and searching for health information has become a popular (and sometimes chaotic) part of the the health care process.  More and more people look to online health information sources before consulting their healthcare providers. While patient-physician relationships are already weak (lack of bedside manner, patients feeling unheard or shamed, etc.), it is important that healthcare systems improve their communication tactics to include digital platforms in order to meet patients where they are in their health-information seeking journey. 

While trying to create an inviting environment to improve shaky patient-physician relationships, health care marketing professionals must combat the medical misinformation that is readily available to communities seeking out health information.By providing and promoting your organization’s healthcare marketing content, both within your facility and online, your healthcare marketing and communication teams can keep communities safe and transform the patient-healthcare system relationship.

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