Top Digital Signage Trends for 2023

Welcome to Q2 of 2023, where we’re all getting into stride with the year and are hopeful for a great spring, new beginnings, and success with our marketing communications campaigns. As we continue through what has the potential to be the best year in a long time, let’s explore the top trends in digital signage and emerging tech features that will transform your business’ marketing.

The Digital Signage Industry

Before we take a look at what’s trending this year, it’s important to understand the state of the industry. The digital signage industry is steadily growing as more and more businesses forego printed materials for cost-efficient signage methods.


From faded billboards, printed signs, and bulletin boards to LED boards, digital menus and rotating informational displays, traditional signage is quickly becoming an ineffective marketing tool that costs more money, wastes more time with delivery, and ends up in a trash can at some point in time.


Digital signage is already a profitable industry, with a $19.5 billion market size in 2022. This year alone, it is estimated to grow by another $3 billion. 

While North America is the largest region for digital signage usage, the Asia-Pacific region is quickly growing and is expected to secure the number one spot in the near future.

When you think of a digital sign, your mind probably goes to a rotating menu board that you see at a restaurant or at a drive thru. While these are great examples, companies rely on digital signs for a multitude of purposes:


In 2023, digital signage will be utilized most in these sectors:





The Tech

Device Resolution

While the standard resolution for most televisions are still 1920×1080, we all know the steady increase in 4k resolution displays for home and commercial use. As technology keeps advancing, we need to quickly prepare for the approaching use of 8k displays. We’re looking to see a leap from 2k to 4k and 8K for most commercial digital signage displays in the next few years.


Interactive digital signage displays definitely fell out of favor with the 2019 pandemic, but the use of interactive kiosks are now growing in popularity as more and more people start venturing back out into communities. Interactive content on touch screens creates an involved experience for users and increases message retention. Interactive way-finding kiosks will also be a popular staple in 2023 for college campuses and government buildings.


In-store digital signs strategically placed around the sales floor with customized ads that show off a nearby product lead to increased sales for retail stores. That’s why we’re seeing an industry increase in retail signage for direct to consumer sales this year.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud Solutions are becoming a must-have for most marketing departments. Accommodating the hybrid work landscape means corporate marketing teams are creating material at home and using cloud digital signage software to update screens without commuting to the office.


Saving time and money is always a bonus, but what about saving the environment? More companies are now seeking tech solutions that are environmentally-conscious, and consumers want to support businesses that are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint, so finding digital signage solutions that are energy efficient is an active step for organizations.