Top Misconceptions of Digital Signage

Commercial displays aren’t necessary

Commercial displays have a longer life cycle than consumer grade displays. Most consumer grade displays are only rated for running 10 hours a day and not 24/7. No one wants their screen to give out in the middle of working hours. Power savings could also be significant lower. Spend the money and purchase a commercial display, and you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll waste power and electricity, because the digital signage will always be on

Most digital signage displays have LED backlighting and power consumption is much lower than it was in previous years. However, some digital signage companies offer features to turn the display on and off automatically without the push of a button from the consumer. Hypersign’s Eclipse feature can be activated by using the scheduling calendar in the Hypersign portal. By shutting down the backlight of your display, Eclipse can generate up to 70% in energy savings during non-operational hours.

It’s too expensive

Displays and other equipment costs have dropped significantly over the years. There are also solutions that are reasonably priced. Thanks to the Cloud, companies and organizations aren’t having to rely on excessive hardware for storage space. Hypersign’s pricing is $349 per device, per year for most organizations.

Too much hardware is needed and it will be confusing

With Hypersign’s digital signage solution, you will only need 3 basic pieces of equipment. An external media player (ex. Google Chromebox or Mac Mini), a digital display, and a live wireless or wired data connection to the Internet.


I would need to hire an agency to take care of the graphics

It’s awesome to be able to utilize your digital signage for your brand messaging by using the company’s color schemes and logos. Have a graphic designer in house? Send them the digital signage template sizes and let them create brand specific content to drop in yourself. The Hypersign software is so easy to use, that anyone could create content, save as a .jpg, .png, or PowerPoint, and simply drag and drop it into your desired dropzone. Of course, you could always have the professionals handle it for you if you really wanted to. Most digital signage companies offer additional content creation options for a fee.

People probably won’t really look at it anyway

With a little research of your target audience (the people who will be in front of the signage day in and day out), you can determine ideas and goals for the content that you want to display. Studies have shown that publishing content on digital displays in hospital waiting areas can create awareness of hospital needs and events. Hospitals who advertise a blood drive, can see an increase in donations, thanks to the awareness that was created by the content that was published on digital signage throughout waiting areas and hallways. Don’t worry about printing out a ton of flyers and brochures to spread all over the office. Studies show that 95% of students would rather retain information from a digital platform versus a non digital platform.

Making any changes to the content will be too difficult

Anyone should be able to create, modify, and make changes to their digital signage within only a few minutes. That is, if the content manager is easy to maneuver. With Hypersign, simply drag and drop images saved from a class project, office outing, or inspirational quote, into your desired dropzone and click publish. Vuala! Your custom content can be published instantly to any number of displays in a matter of seconds.