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Too many emails? Don't unsubscribe!

We get it. Here at Hypersign we have all experienced an inbox so full that emails get missed, forgotten or ignored all together. We want to make sure that you only receive the emails from Hypersign that you actually care about. First, you can choose which solutions you use, and then determine the kinds of emails based on topic you want to get regarding those solutions.


Email Topics:

  • New Feature Releases – receive emails announcing when a new feature is being released for the solution(s) you use.

  • Updates / Bug Fixes – receive emails announcing when updates, optimizations, bug fixes, or improvements are made to the solution(s) you use.

  • Support Notifications – receive emails announcing when there are system-wide outages or issues that impact the majority of our customers for the solution(s) you use.

  • Company Announcements/News – receive emails regarding holiday closures, new partnerships, company changes, new services or solutions.

To update your email preferences, look for the last email you received from Hypersign, scroll to the very bottom and click “update your preferences.”


Disclaimer: If a company requires notifications for all software updates and potential server interruptions, the user is required to remain subscribed to all email topics. Hypersign cannot be held responsible for users who do not receive an email as a result of unsubscribing or changing his or her email preferences.


Keep in mind, updating your email preferences doesn’t prevent you from seeing the red dot on the notifications bell within the Hypersign+ Web Portal, you always have the option to visit our release notes at any time to read the latest release notes!


Do you know someone who isn’t receiving Hypersign emails that should be? Send them a link to: http://hypersign.com/release-notes, and encourage them to click the “Subscribe Now” button to sign up!