The Need for Multi-Use Software Systems

 One of the biggest fears when engaging new technology is the hardware’s life cycle. In a world where innovation is a race and progress is never ending, more and more organizations are looking for software solutions that increase the lifespan of their hardware.

One way to make sure you are getting the most out of your visual communications software is to make sure it’s not a one stop shop. You should be able to use your setup for different purposes, especially when it comes to digital signage. As your hardware ages, your content management delivery systems should stay updated. In the end, your capital costs should not be tied directly to your software.


When shopping for visual communication solutions, here are some things to watch for:

  • Are you able to lock in an extended commitment from the provider? Most software companies operate on a month-to-month basis where the lifetime of service is uncertain.

  • Is free the best option? Free visual communication solutions are great for quick fixes, but paid solutions offer your greater support, better features, and higher quality.

  • Does your delivery system require onsite updates? There’s nothing more frustrating than having to leave your weekend plans behind to go and update your organization’s messaging. Having a remote update platform allows you to keep your content up to date from wherever you are.

So whether you’re shopping for a meeting room solution, or reevaluating your digital signage needs, make sure you keep these questions in mind!


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