We're getting a whole new look!

That’s right, Hypersign is updating our brand with a fresh new energetic feel and we’re hyped about it. Don’t worry, our software will still be just as easy to use with the four main managers functioning the same as before.
The changes you can expect to see are:
New Logos and Color Scheme.
Dark blue will replace the black and dark gray in the old color scheme, and we’ve opted for a orange gradient range to replace the orange in our old logo. Our website and web portals will switch over to the new brand this weekend, so Monday morning you’ll see the change when you login!
New Hypersign Dashboard The Hypersign dashboard will be getting an update too. The new “Hypersign Hub” will give you current uptime information for our servers as well as uptime over the past 7 days. You’ll also notice a link to release notes that will now include all the updates you receive via email, that way you never accidentally miss a new update or support notification!
Please Note: With the release of a whole new look, we have also delayed our latest update (featuring group scheduling and weather dropzone enhancements) to release with these other new updates over the weekend. We wanted to ensure no negative impact on Hypersign performance during the transition. Thanks for your continued patience as we constantly work to make Hypersign better!