Retail, You Should Really Switch to Digital

As we are all aware it is 2016 and technology just continues to make leaps and bounds. What does this mean for retail? It means that print ads are no longer the hip, new guys on the block. We see more and more digital content popping up in retail stores across the nation, and the impact is HUGE.
So, if you’re still on the “dated” side of the fence, you really might to consider switching over. With the ability to change things on the fly practically from anywhere, arranging ads and messages has never been easier. Add in the visually captivating bright lights and rich colors of HD digital signage displays and you’re catching more eyes than ever before.
Digital signage may seem scary at first because of the up front costs, but businesses are seeing a better ROI in the long run. After those up front costs, the only other costs are the recurring yearly subs and in house design fees. You’ll get rid of those recurring printing fees, the time is takes to distribute them, remove them, and, ultimately, the never-ending print cycle itself.
Real time updates are a huge perk as well. Unless you’re keen on using a marker to change something on a printed ad, you can’t exactly update a printed ad. With the click of one button you can send new and updated content throughout your entire network.
The digital world also gives you access to some truly engaging content. From videos to motion graphics and animations, you’re capable of appealing to just about anyone. Who knows, one day we may be able to actually print a video onto a piece of paper. Until then, let’s just run with digital signage.
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