Hypersign, Planar and Crestron Team Up with Launch of “the Arena”, Virtual Events Platform

In an age of social distancing, everyone is re-imagining what it means to communicate with each other. Virtualization is on the rise as more and more people realize the value, efficiency, safety and convenience of doing things remote. Hypersign has provided a tool that gives individuals the power to broadcast live presentations to their audiences in a professional and innovative way. Existing video conferencing and broadcast solutions pose limitations for how many viewers the presenter can see at one time, or don’t allow the presenter to see their audience at all. These video presentations can also become riddled with distractions that can detract from the speaker’s message.

Hypersign introduces the Arena, a solution that intersects between video conferencing and broadcast studios. The Arena consists of a series of display towers, each affixed with its own broadcast camera and commercial sound bar. Presenters are able to see their entire audience and slide deck on the displays in front of them. Meanwhile, individuals in the audience are solely focused on the presentation and presenter. Audience members are able to select where in the Arena they want to “sit”, and will see the presenter from that tower’s camera angle. To ask the presenter questions, they simply click to digitally raise their hand and then hold the space-bar in order to speak. The solution also features Hypersign+’s latest extension Huddleup behind the presenter. Huddleup provides an interactive display that brings a ton of tools to enhance the virtual presentation. The Arena is made possible through a collaboration of fantastic hardware manufacturers like Planar, Crestron, and UrbenTech, all powered by Hypersign’s unique software solution. The result is a professional and easy to use presentation studio, ready to digitally broadcast to any audience. To see a list of how “the Arena” can be used, click here.
Planar Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Pro Services, Adam Schmidt
had this to say about the Arena: “These times have changed so much about how we engage. Now more than ever, we’re dependent on technology to keep us socially and emotionally engaged, even while we’re physically distant. Hypersign Arena is a perfect example of well-applied technology enabling us to overcome physical distance to teach, learn, and engage.”
Neil Willis, Founder of Hypersign, had this to say about the Arena: “I am beyond excited about the Arena and how it will impact professional communications. As the first interactive broadcast solution, the Arena brings the professionalism of broadcast television to the accessibility and interactivity of web conferencing and we are proud to bring this solution, with our partners, to the marketplace.”
The product is now available for purchase through their various partners, contracts, resellers, and distributors. For more information you can visit Hypersign or contact them.

About Hypersign

Hypersign is a visual communications company, based in the United States, known for their award winning digital signage platform, Hypersign+, and it’s accompanying extensions, Waystation, Roomfusion, and Huddleup. Hypersign, headquartered in South Carolina, currently has customers throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East with an industry leading 99% customer retention rate. Hypersign products are prominent in industries like healthcare, education and enterprise business. For more information, visit www.hypersign.com.

About Planar

Planar is a global leader in visualization technology, delivering best-in-class image performance for the world’s most demanding environments. From broadcasters and government agencies to corporations, sporting venues and educational facilities, the world’s leading organizations use Planar’s broad selection of display solutions in applications ranging from digital signage and simulation to large scale events and large-scale visualization. Planar is the global market leader for LED video displays, narrow pixel pitch LED and the Americas market leader in LCD control room applications (Futuresource 2019). Founded in 1995, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA with offices and manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.planar.com.

About Crestron

At Crestron we build technology for every way people work, everywhere in the world – from desktop to boardrooms, offices to multi-nationals. Technology that adapts to what you have and prepares you for what you’ll need. Platforms, devices, and systems designed to improve communication and collaboration. All managed by a cloud-based system for easy deployment, monitoring and upgrading. At Crestron we create faster, better, simpler solutions so people can work faster, better, and more productively.

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