Cloud-Based Digital Signage FAQs

Digital signage is a big investment for a lot of businesses, schools, and hospital systems. We know that researching the right solution is important, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about cloud-based digital signage software: 


  • How does the software licensing system work?

Most cloud-based signage companies price their software on a  license-per-media player structure. This allows customers to have unique content on each digital signage display. If the same content is to be displayed on multiple displays, only one license and one player is required. Some digital signage companies offer bulk licenses, however these offerings are normally accompanied by software with limited features.
  • How many users are usually allowed per account?

Digital signage software companies provide user accounts per tier of your subscription. These tiers are usually based on a professional or enterprise subscription. At, you can have unlimited users per account. This comes in handy for segmenting your marketing, administration, and IT staff’s usage of the platform.
  • Can different users have access to different things?

Understanding administrative needs is an important aspect for any digital signage company. By giving different users specific account permissions, you can not only control what and how your signage is being published, but you can monitor user actions as well (i.e. login times and publishing information).
  • What equipment is needed?

Digital signage is the process of taking content that you design and presenting it to your audience on an engaging and effective platform. The difference here between cloud-based and physical digital signage platforms is the equipment and process. With physical digital signage platforms, someone needs to upload content from a USB drive to each media player your digital signage runs on. With cloud-based software, you eliminate that unnecessary and time-consuming part of your day. There are some cloud-based digital signage softwares that requires a desktop application to access the software account. allows you to access your account through any internet browser for a simplistic digital signage experience. With Hypersign+ digital signage, all you need is: Hypersign+ license, media player of your choice, and a display of your choice. For more information on the Hypersign+ software and its compatible hardware, click here.
  • How much does digital signage software cost?

Digital signage software varies depending on what features and users you want. There are free digital signage softwares, but most of those platforms are extremely limited in functionality and reach. For your standard digital signage software platform, prices typically range from $300 to $600 annual costs per license, with higher tiers of service reaching the $1,000’s. 

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While North America is the largest region for digital signage usage, the Asia-Pacific region is quickly growing and is expected to secure the number one spot in the near future.