Hypersign Brings Their “A Game” with Huddleup UC Meeting Solution

Hypersign recently released a new extension product to their base visual communicationsHuddleup UC kit platform, Hypersign+. Designed to take meeting rooms to the next level, Huddleup increases meeting efficiency and effectiveness while integrating seamlessly with the Hypersign+ platform. To accomplish this, Huddleup has developed a large feature set centered around the meeting room.





Video Conferencing: On average over 8 minutes of a meeting are wasted setting up conference calls (Sapio Research, August 2017). Huddleup’s easy to use interface and seamless integrations mean that starting a conference call can be done in a matter of seconds, leading to huge time savings.






Software: Huddleup currently integrates with Zoom, Whereby (formerly appear.in), and WebEx Teams, but Hypersign is working on additional integrations with Skype, and more.






Hardware: As a part of their turn-key solution Hypersign partnered with Huddly, Yamaha, and Urben Tech. Through the use of AI, the Huddly IQ camera automatically frames all members of a meeting and can even detect who is talking so that audio is recorded with exceptional clarity. This combined with Yamaha’s enterprise soundbar provides a top tier video conference.






Interactive Whiteboarding: A digital whiteboard is built directly into the application, so you don’t need traditional whiteboards in the meeting area.






Live TV: Huddleup brings live TV to your meeting room display through IP streaming, allowing you to build a multiple channel lineup that you can access through touch screen.






Screen Mirroring and Local HDMI Input: Wireless screen mirroring that supports Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems, and local input support through standard HDMI connections, is built right into the software.






Digital Signage: Hypersign+ is directly integrated so that the display can become a source for corporate or employee communication in the meeting space. This feature is also the default screen so that your display never sits underutilized.






Emergency Alerts: Since HuddleUp is an extension of the Hypersign+ platform, Hypersign’s emergency alert feature comes standard with all Huddleup displays.






Huddleup UC-Kit: While Huddleup requires no proprietary hardware pieces, Hypersign does offer a turn-key solution to make the software more accessible. In addition to the Huddly camera and Yamaha soundbar this solution features a sleek kiosk to house all components. This solution is further visualized by Huddleup specific Planar interactive displays which have a medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane coating to provide an antimicrobial surface.









“Hypersign has always been a forward looking company and we are especially excited about stretching out into the UC space. We see all forms of visual communications as an important part of a holistic communications strategy for a company and our mission is to uniquely meet the needs and vision of those innovative companies. Whether it is digital signage, way-finding, room scheduling, business intelligence and now meeting room collaboration with Huddleup, these modalities all have their methods to communicate information to employees, customers, or guests and we are excited to be leading that charge as their visual communications platform.” Neil Willis, RCDD – Founder/CEO of Hypersign






The product is now available for purchase as an extension to the Hypersign+ software. You can purchase the product directly through their various contracts, resellers, and distributors. For more information you can visit Hypersign, contact them, or watch their video overview. Hypersign will also be showcasing the product at various events this year.