Hypersign at UB Tech 2016

Earlier this week, the gang at Hypersign made their way to Las Vegas and took UB Tech 2016 by storm! It was a great couple of days filled with awesome conversation and networking. Not to mention it was great to show off the latest happens at Hypersign. We found a ton of interest from those who stopped by the booth. Helping people come up with helpful and engaging ways to use the Hypersign solution was definitely the best thing about being there.


Our Hypersign Alert capability was a huge hit. Having the power to send emergency alerts that override content on displays is appealing 
to customers for many reasons. Undoubtedly most important, the alert feature allows customers to better prepared in the case of an emergency, whether it be intruders, weather, fire, etc. Having the ability to use digital signage to provide better communication in emergency situations brings about a sense a preparedness. Advertising is one other awesome utilization of the alert button. With up to 4 customizable options, the possibilities are endless.
WayStation, powered by Hypersign, was quite popular as well! In today’s market, facilities utilizing digital way finding stand out as being progressive, innovative, and thoughtful. WayStation, Hypersign’s newly released way finding solution, is the ideal option for implementing this exciting technology. Waystation features touch display kiosks utilizing building mapping, rooms signs synced with faculty and building schedules, and a mobile app powered by beacons allowing users a easy guide to their destination. Customers may now take facilities to the next level by incorporating Waystation, the best digital way finding solution.
Unlike some of our competitors, Hypersign allows users to immediate publish content, which was definitely a fan favorite. Instead of waiting for the next cycle of updates to be pushed out, users are able to send content directly to displays instantaneously with just one click of a button. In our ever increasingly fast paced world, waiting for content to display is no longer an option. With Hypersign, users will wait no longer but instead have the power to publish on their own schedule.
Finally, our front to end solution was an aspect of Hypersign that proved to be a staple of what a customer would be needing. From hardware, to software, to installation, Hypersign can provide it all. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our one-purchase-order-covers-all is kind of amazing. Instead of having to go through multiple suppliers and purchase orders for a complete digital signage experience, Hypersign allows customers to save time, stress, and money by taking care of everything in one transaction. Simply tells us what you would like, and we will take care of the rest.
So, needless to say we consider UB Tech to have been a success! Being able to show our product at this event and venue made the trip well worth it…
…Because why else would anyone go to Vegas?