What is one business or organization that never closes and sees hundreds of people every day?


Digital signage is showing up in more and more places these days and content is becoming customized and catered to its environment. More businesses are choosing digital signage to engage with their audience today. Therefore, digital signage is a wonderful tool for hospitals and healthcare for many reasons.


  • Boring, depressing, and crowded waiting areas can now have interesting and impactful content for patients, visitors, and family members to read and be engaged with.

  • Share upcoming community events that the hospital is sponsoring (charity walks or runs, blood drives, etc.) This can boost participation and awareness and in turn, raise more money for the cause.

  • Digital signage in hospital rooms can notify and educate patients of what to expect from an upcoming surgery or procedure. This could put the patient’s mind more at ease about an upcoming operation.

  • Exterior room signs can display the room number, patient information and even notify doctors and nurses of any allergies or important information regarding the patient’s health or condition.

  • Emergency alerts can be easily broadcast on all digital signage displays throughout the hospital. Evacuation routes and procedures can be easily visible during an emergency situation. This could save lives during an emergency.

  • News broadcasts, television shows, internet feeds, weather apps, etc. can be utilized together and customized with the hospital branding information on screens and displays.

  • Advertise sales and specials in the hospital gift shop to generate sales.

  • Display menus, daily specials, and hours of operation for the hospital cafeteria.

  • Using branded digital signage in staff areas can create a sense of belonging and employee engagement. Show employee recognition of achievements, met goals, patient reviews and praises. This will help remind staff that what they are doing is making a difference in patients’ lives.

  • Keep hospital staff up to date with important information by utilizing digital signage in break rooms and common areas.

  • Use digital signage as an advertising tool for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. Why have tons of literature all over waiting areas when digital ads could better captivate your audience?

These are just a few of the reasons why digital signage is great for healthcare systems. Contact Hypersign today to see what our award winning technology can do for you!

Digital Signage for Healthcare… Just what the doctor ordered.