Engaging Hypersign Content on BrightSign’s Media Players at Leyard and Planar’s Showroom in New York

Leyard and Planar showcase their latest display and video wall innovations across a network of showrooms worldwide. The New York Showroom is located on 11th Avenue in New York City. The New York showroom occupies the entire fifth floor of a beautiful historic building constructed in 1905. The showroom is separated into approximately one dozen different vignettes that demonstrate how Leyard and Planar displays can be seamlessly integrated into various commercial and residential settings, including conference rooms, office lobbies, common meeting areas and home theaters.
An inviting reception area features a Leyard® TWA Series LED video wall measuring 108 inches diagonally. With a 1.2 millimeter pitch, the Leyard TWA Series delivers benefits unique to its flat panel design, including enhanced image quality, a 16:9 form factor optimized for the most popular high resolutions, ease of installation and service, and outstanding flatness and uniformity. The Leyard TWA Series video wall is powered by a BrightSign 4K media player running Hypersign software. In addition, Hypersign Creative Services put together an interactive product walk-through of each room’s hardware, furniture and decor to touch on the companies that service a wonderful experience.
Another showcase area highlights a Leyard® TVF Series stackable front-access LED video wall. Measuring 71.5 inches diagonally, this video wall also features a 1.2 millimeter pitch. The Leyard TVF Series is built on a stackable design that eliminates cabinet-to-cabinet cabling and reduces the complexity of installation and vertical alignment. Powering the Leyard TVF Series video wall is another BrightSign 4K media player running Hypersign software.
The kitchen area features a striking application of the Leyard® CarbonLight™ CLA Series. At just over 13 feet in width and a mere 10 inches high, the display follows a subtle s-curve design and appears to be suspended midway between the ceiling and cabinet tops. The short, elongated form factor lends itself particularly well to live scrolling content, such as stock market tickers and social media feeds. The BrightSign LS media player running Hypersign software that powers the kitchen LED configuration is capable of feeding both static, locally hosted content, as well as live content from outside sources.
The vignettes described above were designed and implemented under the guidance of Hypersign, whose creative services team developed engaging content for these LED video walls in the New York showroom. As a preferred partner of Leyard and Planar, Hypersign delivers a cloud-based software platform for easy, intuitive creation and deployment of digital signage content.