Digital Signage & UGC's Powerful Influence on Boomers & Millennials

I was thinking of Madonna’s chorus, “living in a material world, and I am a material girl”, as I began researching User Generated Content (UGC) with digital signage. My mind was shouting the word “digital” in place of “material” in the song. We are living in a digital world. In fact, 97% of consumers in a study by Razorfish stated that the digital experience influenced purchase decisions. The circle of trust is created by combining the digital experience alongside the content average people are creating (UGC) on their tablets, phones, laptops and content management software.


Digital Signage + User Generated Content = Millennials & Boomers Sweet Spot of Influence


Olapic* conducted a survey of millennials and baby boomers that revealed both groups (76% of consumers) believe that UGC is more honest than advertising from brands. This information will impact the way retail, restaurants, places of worship, and businesses promote their business. It statistically states that we trust the digital messages that are generated by strangers over mass advertising strategies. We are a working on the go society, making the majority of our decisions outside of our home. What is a better time to capture, engage and drive an action than when someone is in the proximity of your digital sign by your location?
Share your message loud and proud. Unleash your beast with digital signage, coupled with your authentic message to reach consumers on the go! This scalable solution does not require a huge network of digital displays and media players. It does require that you provide your employees, prospects, and customers great experiences to build your story. Businesses of all sizes and verticals have the potential to increase traffic, build brand awareness, improve employee productivity and easily share your trusted message using digital signage. Your engaging content can range from social feeds, photos, menus, promotions, office announcements, events, and weather or emergency alerts. The influence of consumer behavior and employee engagement is impacted by your visual, authentic content.
Drive an action. Create engagement. Influence a decision. Improve UX.
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*Olapic’s “Consumer Trust Survey” *Infographic from Adweek