A Change to School Safety Procedures.

When it comes to school safety and the safety procedures relating to our children, one circumstance can change everything. For example, in Sherwood Arizona, parents are now faced with a new procedure that prevents them from walking with their kids to their classrooms. This was all due to a situation at the school, where a father picked up a child he didn’t have legal custody over, during pick-up at the end of the school day.
Under the new procedure, parents are allowed to drop their children off inside the school, but only in the front lobby. Prior to the incident, parents were allowed to escort their children to their classrooms.
While the district insists this measure helps increase child safety, some parents aren’t too thrilled with the tightening of this kind of security.
These situations can be prevented. With software like KidGopher, schools are able to determine who is or isn’t allowed to pick up a student in during dismissal. It is our goal to make sure no child gets into a vehicle that puts them at risk!
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