4K Magic's in the Air

Digital signage in 2017 is all about the quality of content and the magic of 4K displays. The growth of digital signage has experienced a tremendous increase on university campuses, hospitals, retail, restaurants, and airports, proving all industries want their primary communication to be visual. They want it digitally displayed, engaging and timely. Now that the expectation of digital and easily updated communication has been met, customers are demanding more. The Digital Signage industry has responded with the new release of Ultra-High Definition (UHD). While still new to the market, UHD is looking to replace our old pal High Definition in the upcoming future. 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels, more than 4 times the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. That’s pretty magical!
Luther-Resolution-Large-300x118 Unfortunately, the magic of 4K is only as good as the content management tool it uses. Digital signage content management software houses your images, content, manages your players and controls your displays. A 4K display has no magic without the right platform to push your visual communication. The trend for one platform to manage multiple devices and digital displays is on the rise according to Lyle Bunn, Digital Media Industry Consultant. Imagine having to login in and out of each display to change out your messaging, power down or do updates. Luckily, Hypersign software was designed to meet this demand years ago (#KeepUp). Centralizing communication to one platform allows users to easily update and push dynamic content to digital displays in different locations from one computer login.
Digital signage is scalable, making it easy to expand as needed. It’s more affordable than ever, which helps you keep some money in your pocket.
Digital signage can be so engaging for your employees, prospects, students that it has you saying Don’t look too hard you might hurt yourself! (#BrunoMars24KMagic)
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