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Displaying messages, like videos, images and PowerPoint presentations to displays should not be difficult. That's why we designed our digital signage solution for anyone who is passionate about engaging their audience with compelling digital signage content. Whether you're a school, business or healthcare provider, one thing is certain: you can use Hypersign without being a technology expert.

Hypersign is 100% cloud based. All the content you create is stored and backed up on our cloud server. This means you can easily create, edit and publish content from any Internet-connected web browser without having to be on a local area network. You could be thousands of miles away, but still able to manage, create or publish content to your digital signage network. With features like our proprietary content manager and dropzone applications, it's easy to see why our customers love using Hypersign.

Hypersign Alert
Emergency Notifications to All Your Displays

Hypersign is so much more than just digital signage; it’s also a safety tool. With the push of a button, your signage network transforms into an emergency notification system that can publish important messages to your displays within milliseconds. On top of that, your Hypersign displays aren’t the only screens that can show an emergency message. Desktop computers, tablets and laptops within your organization can be taken over by Hypersign Alert to display the same emergency message to maximize the reach of your notification.

Powerful Dropzone Apps!

Extend Hypersign's dynamic features with Dropzone Apps

Hypersign Dropzone Apps

DropZone Applications, or DZAs, are solutions designed to integrate directly into the Hypersign environment. These drop zone apps are designed to serve specialty functions and provide additional features not found in other digital signage solutions. Examples include our secure child pickup system for K-12, KidGopher, and Metrixx, a tool that publishes key performance indicators to your display(s).

Manage multiple digital signage networks from one central location!

Hypersign gives you the ability to manage content that you want published on multiple displays (like flat panels and tablets) from a central location. All this control is made possible from your personal Hypersign web portal. From here, you can upload content to any number of displays in your signage network. Have groups of displays in one area that should display the same content while another group of displays should show different content? No problem. Whether you want to publish content to one display, all your displays or specific groups of displays, the content manager within your Hypersign portal makes the delivery of customized content easy.

Central Management of Multiple Digital Signage Networks

Samsung and Hypersign Partnering to provide the Ultimate All-In-One Digital Signage Solution!

Hypersign has partnered with Samsung to bring an easy-to-install and configure solution to our AV integrators. Hypersign is built directly into the Samsung SSP display without requiring a software download or additional network player. The SSP display communicates like any other Hypersign device and also works with popular features like Hypersign Alert.

Samsung and Hypersign integration

Hypersign and Google Chrome OS
Deliver a Simple and Powerful Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage for Chrome OS

Energy Management with Hypersign Eclipse.

Customers save power by taking advantage of the Eclipse feature. Eclipse can be activated by using the scheduling calendar in your Hypersign portal. By shutting down the backlight of your display, Eclipse can generate up to 70% in energy savings during non-operational hours. Don't worry, Hypersign Alerts will show even when your displays are in Eclipse mode.

Digital Signage Energy Management

We love the Eclipse feature because it saves our customers money by using less power. But, we also like doing our part to help the environment by building energy conservation features into the products we sell.

Rotate That Display and Get Noticed!

Our goal at Hypersign is to make publishing engaging content to the stakeholders in your organization easy. Compelling content can take many forms, but sometimes all you need to do is present information in a slightly different way to get noticed.

Hypersign's many display layout options let you break from the norm and rotate your display's orientation. After making this simple adjustment, vertically positioned screens can enhance viewer engagement of your content.

Digital sign in vertical / portrait mode

Multi-zone Vertical Templates

Within Hypersign's content manager, you can choose from a host of different layouts, including vertical ones. You can even choose to layer your vertical layout into sections or simply choose the full-screen option. Multi-zone layouts are also available when considering horizontal options.

Digital signage templates

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