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VOL.2 Issue 6

JUNE 2022

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University of Wyoming

| New Digital

  Signage Provider

UWYO + Hypersign.com

Official Digital Signage Provider

Hypersign.com is proud to announce its award by The University of Wyoming for an organization-wide digital signage contract.

The University of Wyoming, a nationally recognized research institution serving over 11,500

students, awarded Hypersign.com a formal contract to take over the University's centrally supported digital signage software solution.

The University of Wyoming sought to update its previous software solution for an online, easy-to-use system that simplifies deployability.


The Future Of Meeting Room Software.


Easier, Better, Safer Meetings

We've all been uncomfortably stuck in a meeting where the technology either doesn't work or is difficult to use. No one wants their meetings delayed and you definitely don't want to put your hands all over that touch panel remote that probably hasn't been cleaned in months.

With HuddleUP, our cloud-based meeting room solution, you are empowered to fully control the meeting space from your personal device. That’s right, we’re going full BYOD. Now partnered with Jabra, Hypersign.com is giving you your best meeting room solution!

Click the button below to learn more about the HuddleUP meeting room software solution from a Digital Signage Certified Expert.



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See how Emory University uses a variety of digital signage solutions to improve their business school's communication.


Simplify Billing

With Hypersign Autopay, you'll save an extra 5% on your license subscription renewals when enrolling with a valid credit card.

Access the billing portal on your Hypersign+ dashboard (located on the lefthand menu of your account management screen) to set up AutoPay, or contact us below and we'll set up your account!


Give Dads the Credit They Deserve

Your Holiday Asset Download

It's time to say thanks to dads everywhere! Make sure to download your holiday assets in time for Father's Day!

Click here for more information on creating and editing Stacks or Smart Playlists in your Hypersign+ account.