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The HYPE Newsletter | VOL 2 ISSUE 8 - August 2022

As we wrap up the summer, we're saying goodbye to inefficient office environments and saying hello to innovative technological designs!

August is coming in hot, Hypersign+ subscribers!

As we wrap up the summer, we're saying goodbye to inefficient office environments and saying hello to innovative technological designs! This month, you can look forward to:

1. Learning how to transform your creative ideas into actionable items

2. Starting the school year with impressive digital signage

3. Giving your input on Hypersign.com's solutions

4. Save an extra 5% on new license subscriptions

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Creativity shouldn’t be kept in a box. That’s why we love the freedom and flexibility of a physical whiteboard! While virtual collaborative project platforms, like Miro or Stormboard, are great tools for syncing virtual teams, there’s no better way to grow ideas and discover the future of your organization like a tactile creative space.


Although the immediacy and instant gratification of a physical whiteboard in your meeting space can give way to innovations of thought, the actual implementation of ideas is rarely thought-out or, you know, completed.

We want your team to grow and fulfill your greatest potential. That’s why we’re sharing these steps to redefining your collaborative processes... read more.


Whether your school has 2,000 students or 50,000 students, starting back to school in the shadows of the pandemic can be a strange and even exciting experience for new and continuing students, faculty and staff. 
Greeting freshman to you campus, informing students of your health and safety initiatives, and updating visitors on events has never been easier than with cloud-based digital signage solutions.

From impressive video walls to collaborative study rooms to interactive campus maps, your digital signage solutions can make students feel proud of their school while absorbing key information from your department's communication team. 

For more information on how expanding your digital signage solutions can impact your school, click the button below.



 Your feedback means the most to us! By leaving a review, you can help us keep up with your needs, suggestions, and help us insure we are providing the
best support possible.








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To sign up for AutoPay, contact us below and we'll set up your account! Sign up for AutoPay now to avoid future late fees!




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