Frequently Asked Questions


When do my licenses renew? Where can i check my license renewal dates?

 Your license must be renewed annually, and you can check the renewal date in the Account Manager.

What types of Payment do you accept?

Currently we accept a variety of payment types:

  1. Check

  2. Cash

  3. ACH

  4. Credit Card

  5. eCheck

What are the hours your support team is available?


Our technical support team is available during our normal business operation hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm

Friday: 8am - 12pm

Closed Weekends

*Hours are subject to change for holidays.


What are the differences between the essentials, pro and enterprise account plans?

To learn more about our different account plans and the features available in each,

visit our website.


Who are Hypersign's partners?

Hypersign has partnerships established with Leyard Planar, Samsung, Google, AOPEN, Brightsign, Legrande, and Peerless.

These partnerships allow Hypersign to provide an all inclusive digital signage solution for our customers!


How many users can I add to an account?

Hypersign+ users can have an unlimited number of users within the account. Licenses are based per player and not per user.

Can different users have access to different things?


Each user can have different access and abilities for various user levels within the software, depending on administrative needs. You can easily change your user's permissions in the Account User Manager.

Check out these helpful articles:

- How to edit a user and manage user roles and permissions

- How to limit user access to certain devices and device groups

What is a multi-site manager?

Multi-Site Managers are users that have full access to Hypersign+, and are able to access all accounts associated with a particular organization.

Organizations are multiple accounts that are grouped together for one organization.

For example:

The Organization may be a University and then each Account is a College or Department within the University:

Organization: Hypersign University


Hypersign Marketing

Hypersign Tech Support

Hypersign School of Business

So the Multi-Site Manager might be someone like an IT Manager who needs access to all the accounts.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about organizations and multi-site managers.


Where can I submit a new feature request?

Feature Development Board: We have a Trello board that use to show what features we are working on and releasing. Check this board out to find out if the features you're interested in, is already being worked on.

Request a New Feature: Use this form to submit a new features request. We'd love to hear your ideas for how we can improve our softwar!

Can i delete multiple media assets (images, videos, and PowerPoints) at one time?"

Absolutley, we offer an easy way delete multiple assets from your asset library at once, to learn how visit this helpful article: How to delete a media file or stack playlist from your asset library.

How can I add or edit the same layout for multiple devices at once?

If all of the player devices are going to have the exact same layout, we recommend you use device grouping. Device grouping allows you to manage a group of devices by publishing a single layout, layout schedule, or alert content.

Learn more about using device groups here: How to create a new device group

If the content layout is almost the same, but some of the dropzones will have slightly different content, the quickest way to update your device layouts is by using saved layout templates. Saved layout templates allows you to save a base layout design and load it on any other device or device group, you can make any adjustments to the layout and then publish it.

Learn more about using saved layouts here: How to save a layout template


Can I organize my asset library in folders?

Since our Layout Manager provides a very quick, and easy view of the asset library for drag and drop layout creation, our user interface does not support folder organization at this time. However, rather than organizing by folders, we encourage you to use tagging instead.

Tagging gives you more freedom with how you organize your media assets because instead of an asset being confined to one single folder, it can have multiple tags.

Learn more with this helpful article: How to use media asset tagging to organize your asset library

What file types are supported?

Click the document below to view the list of supported file types.

Supported File Types - HS
Download PDF • 235KB