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Visualize your marketing campaigns with concrete metrics that you can pull into any report or presentation

Hypersign Integrates with TIZEN OS 6.0

New developments in Hypersign’s software platform supports integration with Samsung’s updated digital signage unified system.


Introduced messaging field to communicate important announcements and headlines from Hypersign. A variety of big fixes that will improve performance

NEW FEATURE: Smart Playlist Dropzone App

The new Smart Playlist dropzone app takes advantages of the existing tagging feature to play all images, videos, powerpoints that have a selected...

Hypersign Server Issues [Resolved]

We were experiencing issues with the Hypersign server for about 30 minutes today between 12:00pm and 12:30pm. The issue is now resolved.

July Hypersign+ Version Update!

June was a busy month here at Hypersign with much our team traveling to five different Tradeshows, Including InfoComm where we demoed our latest...

June Hypersign+ Version Update

Our engineering team has been hard at work updating Hypersign this past month, and we have plenty to share with you! A new user transfer feature for...

Database Maintenance on Sunday 5.19.19

We will be preforming some database maintenance on Hypersign+ over the weekend to ensure our software keeps performing great for you!

Too many emails? Don't unsubscribe!

We get it. Here at Hypersign we have all experienced an inbox so full that emails get missed, forgotten or ignored all together.

New Feature: Asset Tagging

With the latest version release of Hypersign, you will now be able to manage your assets in a whole new way!

System Maintenance on Sunday 3.24.19

We will be preforming some system maintenance on Hypersign+ over the weekend to ensure our software keeps performing great for you!

Stack Item Limit Increased to 25

With the latest version release of Hypersign, you will now be able to add up to 25 items to a stack! This is a 10 item increase from the original 15...

RSS App Issue Identified

HyperRSS dropzone application utilizes Yahoo's RSS service, which Yahoo unexpectedly retired on January 7 without notice. We apologize if this has...

Version 3.5.42 Release: Bug Fix

This release will include fixes to the following issues: Stack order no longer gets reversed when saving. Stacks will now get published when using...

Version 3.5.41.b Release: Bug Fix

This release will include a fix to the issue where the analog view of the clock dropzone app would freeze, and also fix the issue with 'eclipse'...

Version 3.5.41.a Release: Bug Fix

This release will include a bug fix for permission issues that have been causing problems with the new preview button feature.

Layout Preview Button & Traffic App Update

Speaking of dropzone apps, we've also improved the Traffic app. The Traffic app will now use city/state, and also support non-US cities, instead of...

Version 3.5.40.a Release: Bug Fixes

This release includes the following fixes: 1. Increased location accuracy when retrieving weather via city/state method when using the 'Weather'...

Dropzone App Color Customization

With this release you will now be able to customize the colors for two of our existing dropzone applications: Twitter and the RSS feed. These new...

Version 3.5.39.a Release: Bug Fixes

This release will include bug fixes for permission issues with the group scheduling feature, and the option to manually set the timezone for the...

YouTube Looping Issue Identified

Have you noticed your YouTube videos aren't looping? We're aware - an issue was identified that may cause YouTube videos not to loop.

Stack More!

Stacks make it easy to build playlists for your images, videos, powerpoints and youtube videos. We've enhanced stacks so you can now also stack in:...

Something NEW is coming to Hypersign!

Dark blue will replace the black and dark gray in the old color scheme, and we've opted for a orange gradient range to replace the orange in our old...

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